About Us

Driven by Our Passion for Technology and Our Unrivaled Experience Integrating it Into Your Home

From Smart Homes to Entertainment, We Put Quality First.

We got our start in home theater and surround sound systems and quickly became the leading choice for on-site home theater design, installation and repair in Houston, TX.

As technology evolved, we expanded our service areas and became well-known for our advanced home automation and security services. Our history shows that we have the flexibility to adapt to changing technology so that your home will never be out of date. Finding a company that can handle all of your electronic and home theater repairs and installation needs can be very challenging. Especially a company that provides home automation systems that can automate those systems that we install and sync them all together to make your life easier. 

We Only Feature the Best Brands on the Market.

We chose to install these systems because the technology is the most advanced and the products are the most user-friendly.

We can integrate various systems and brands to all work cohesively together. Each brand offers an extensive warranty that conveys their durability and quality. These systems are meant to last for years to come, and our experienced, and certified technicians will assist you with any updates or issues. 


What Makes Us Better than our Competitors?

Our Houston area technicians are extensively trained and manufacturer certified on all new products.

For repairs, we only use factory, original parts supplied by the manufacturer and our technicians have the ability to call all manufacturers while at a customer’s location to troubleshoot a repair issue. We only use the highest quality products and industry leading technology in our projects because we know that you want only the best for your home. 

Why Choose J & K Home Automation?

We have spent years building our rock solid reputation in the Houston area for providing electronics service and installation of the highest quality.

Our home automation services are beyond those of our competitors - we make your home truly automated. You can control doors and lights with the touch of a button and from halfway around the globe. Our technicians are manufacturer certified and expertly trained. Our products are top of the line with the newest and best technology. And our commitment is to quality service in the Houston area. 

J & K Electronics BBB Business Review

From cutting edge home theater systems and security applications to the latest in home automation, we have everything you need to transform your home into a fully automated smart home.

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