A Bird’s-Eye View of Smart Business Technology

Smart technology is an excellent asset to any office. Whether you’re trying to create a fully automated business setting or just make your workday a little more convenient, adding even a few smart appliances can upgrade your office noticeably. But what exactly are you looking for?

Most business owners looking for smart technology have an idea of what they want. But building an automated office goes beyond setting up a few Alexa units. Let’s take a closer look at what smart technology is best for your office and what it can do for you.

Smart business technology adds a lot to any office environment! Here are just a few ways it can improve your workday. #JKElectronics


What office manager wants random people showing up all the time or anyone breaking in after hours? That’s where access control comes in. With specialized smart technology, business owners and employers can limit who can enter the office. Programmed ID cards or even smartphone apps can be used to verify someone’s identity at the door. Meanwhile, real-time monitoring systems alert employers if anyone is in the office after-hours when they shouldn’t be. Smart technology is an excellent asset for security!

Office Equipment

Every office needs a conference room with excellent presentation equipment, or at the very least, plenty of room for computers and monitors. Both setups will require specialized appliances and strategically placed low-voltage wiring to provide power to it all. Have one of our experts help you draw up a detailed floor plan and determine your office equipment shopping list. Where will all the wires have to go? Don’t waste time installing wires in the wrong place–go in with a plan.

Lighting Systems

What smart office setup is complete without some custom lights? Equipped with energy-efficient LED smart bulbs, smart lighting systems not only cut down on your energy costs, but they also provide you more control over the lighting in your office. Instead of having the lights simply on or off with the flip of a switch, you can adjust their brightness, change their color, and even set them to turn on when they detect motion. This also ensures that even forgetting to turn the lights off won’t run up your power bill as the lights will eventually turn themselves off. Make your office lights whatever you want them to be!

Pro Tip: Motion-activated lights will also help alert your neighbors if someone is sneaking around in the office after hours.

Designing a Smart Office

An office that takes advantage of smart technology enjoys better security, simple controls, easy integration of new appliances, and much more. Why wait? Upgrade your office to a technologically driven environment today!

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