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4 Crucial Parts of Your Home Theater

Fantasizing about your dream home theater? As you work on your design plan, which part are you most focused on? Obviously you need your entire theater to work well, but certain pieces of technology or decor are arguably more important than others. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these important design choices and what they could mean for you.

Which parts of your new home theater matter the most? What will have the biggest impact on your movie experience? Find out here. #JKElectronics #smarthome

Planning a Home Theater

Designing your own home theater gives you immense creative freedom as you choose your own technology and decor. During the planning phase, pay particular attention to several characteristics that will have the biggest impact on your at-home film experience. These considerations could include:

  1. Comfortable seating
  2. Adjustable lighting
  3. Central controls
  4. Excellent sound system

1) Comfortable Seating

The best TV screen and surround sound speakers in the world won’t do you much good without a comfortable place to kick back and watch your movie! And since you’re designing a home theater, you can choose your own favorite seats instead of sticking with uncomfortable cinema chairs. Fill your room with couches, recliners, beanbags, or whatever gives you the most enjoyable experience. Just make sure that whatever you choose includes cupholders or a nearby solid surface to place your snacks.

2) Adjustable Lighting

Ambient lighting is usually a good thing in home design, but in a home theater, too much lighting can make it harder to see the screen. That’s why having easily adjustable lights are so important. Simple on-off controls will do in a pinch, but dimmable smart lights give you more direct control over your theater environment and let you find the perfect light level to enhance your experience.

Pro Tip: The best room for a home theater has no windows, or at least has windows you can cover with blackout curtains to keep ambient light from darkening your TV screen.

3) Central Controls

One of the benefits of smart technology is the ability to control everything in your home theater, from the screen to the audio systems to the lighting, from a central control hub. J&K Electronics’ systems take this a step further by giving you a single universal remote to dictate every function in your theater. You can even set the movie to start automatically at a certain time to really mimic the feeling of walking into a theater! Enjoy being fully in control.

4) Excellent Sound System

Finally, no movie is complete without a soundtrack. Typical cinemas provide surround speakers with high-quality sound to complete the experience, and your home theater system should follow suit! Excellent speakers can be cleverly hidden in the walls or near furniture or even left visible as part of the theater decor. However you choose to disguise them, remember that high-quality audio and video working together make a truly memorable movie night.

Enjoy Your Home Cinema!

Why go to a crowded movie theater when the big screen can come to you? Design your own private cinema to your liking and start hosting movie nights. Place the power and comfort of the theater in your hands!

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