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Using Smart Technology to Keep Your Home Safe

We’re all spending a lot of time at home now. And as many homeowners start examining their houses with a critical eye, home renovations or improvement projects may become a more common activity. If you’ve found yourself wanting to improve your home, consider starting with a few improvements to your security setup.

Home security is always important, and now we have plenty of time to focus on it. By integrating your smart technology into your security system, you can make monitoring and protecting your home a far easier and safer process. Here are just a few ideas.

Your smart home needs an equally smart security system! Find a few ideas for setting it up here. #JKElectronics

Use an All-in-One System

If you assembled your smart home one piece at a time, you probably have multiple smart systems vying for your attention. Your phone may have an app to control the kitchen lights, while another app controls a security camera outside, and a separate device entirely controls your entertainment system. This can quickly become confusing as you juggle several different systems. Make it easier on yourself and consolidate all your smart devices into a single system with one set of controls.

Pay Attention to Privacy & Security

Whether it’s a TV or a coffee maker, smart devices use some form of data collection by definition. These same devices also rely on the internet, often a wireless connection, for functionality and to connect to other smart devices in your home. Both categories can compromise your privacy if you aren’t careful. Take the time to read all the fine print in your devices’ privacy policies and make sure you’re comfortable with the data collection. Use a wired internet connection when you can, and always establish secure passwords to keep hackers out of your smart system.

Customize Your Security Setup

You’re the most qualified person to know the type of security your home needs. Are motion-activated lights enough, or do you want security cameras and smart doorbells? Create a list of the features you want and talk to your contractor about customizing your security system.

Pro Tip: We offer security solutions ranging from simple door and window alarms to cameras that stream straight to your phone or tablet. We’ll help you find your favorite security setup.

Keep Your Smart Home Safe

You already have some form of smart technology in your home. Why not expand the system to provide a crucial security service? Keep an eye on your house and stay safe during the quarantine.

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