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3 Home Improvement Goals to Set for 2020

The new year is finally upon us! As we move forward into 2020, it’s time to start thinking about resolution ideas and how to achieve your goals in this new year. But even as you focus on improving yourself, remember that improving your living space can help you reach your resolutions and enjoy a happy new year! Try setting a few goals to upgrade your home in 2020.

Happy New Year! Have you made your resolutions? Here are a few more to add to the list! #JKElectronics

Security Systems

No one likes to consider the possibility that their home may be broken into. Unfortunately, break-ins are alarmingly common. A security system is your best line of defense against home robbery. And when a high-tech security system mixes with smart technology, the result is a truly remarkable infrastructure that will both discourage thieves and make it easier to catch perpetrators. Protect your home and belongings this year with a smart security system!

Home Theater Systems

Our home theater system is more than just a big screen and surround sound speakers. With the entertainment technology built into your entire home, you and your friends can each stream your own favorite media in different rooms. And why limit your home theater to just movies and TV? Stream music, radio, or even video calls on your TV and control it all from your smartphone or tablet! Turn your entire house into a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Smart Climate Control

When you’re leaving for work in the morning or packing up for a vacation, it’s easy to forget to check your HVAC system before you leave. After all, if your house will be sitting empty for a while, there’s less of a need to keep your house perfectly climate-controlled. That’s where our smart climate control system takes over. Program in your preferences for both temperature and energy consumption at different times of the day and let our system do the rest. You’ll never have to remember to adjust the thermostat again!

Pro Tip: Our smart home systems combine climate control, security, entertainment, and much more for a truly versatile home system! Talk to our experts to learn more.


Most people look to a new year with hope and a list of ideas for self-improvement. As you work your way through your list of resolutions, don’t forget that giving yourself a comfortable place to live has a remarkable impact on your mental health. Give yourself the gift of a happy new year with an upgraded smart home!

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