A Reliable Video & Audio System for Your Smart Business

Regardless of your industry, your business offices will use a significant variety of technology on a daily basis. Where will all your electronics get their power? Older buildings don’t have all the electrical sockets you’ll need, after all, and unless you have a clear picture in your head of what you’ll be using, you may not know how much electricity you need to have available.

When planning a smart business technology setup, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you’ll be using and what you might add in the future. This is especially true of video and audio systems. While some smart devices like an Amazon Alexa simply plug into the wall, video and audio setups will be spread around your office and require much more intricate wiring. Here’s how you can plan for your smart office setup.

Is it time to equip your business office with #smarttech yet? How much planning should you put into the wiring to make sure everything has power? Here’s how to perfect your plans. #JKElectronics

Determine Your Needs

Start by determining what technology your office layout needs and where. This will largely depend on your business style and what you’ll be doing during the workday. For instance, a cubicle-based office environment will need plenty of wiring and plugs for laptops, monitors, phone chargers, and other desktop equipment. Conference rooms might need a little more for larger screens or presentation equipment. On the other hand, more dynamic or active offices might not need as much wiring if not as much computer equipment is used every day. Every business will be different, and it pays to know where your office falls on the scale.

Pro Tip: Take the time to determine how much of your office will interconnect. For instance, will Alexa turn on the lights or just play music? Your preferences will determine how much wiring you need.

Plan Your Office Layout

Now that you know how much technology you need to provide power for, it’s time to plan where you’ll be putting all that technology. You don’t necessarily need an exact image of where you want everything. However, you do need to know the general layout of your planned office. It won’t do you much good to have wiring designed for a TV running into the bathroom, after all! Plan your ideal layout first and plan your wiring around that.

Choose Specific Appliances & Systems

Once your wiring starts going in, it’s time to go shopping! What specific appliances does your office need? Let our expert team help you find the perfect blend of conventional and smart technology to make your office the best place to work. From typical computers to such entertaining additions as voice-activated coffee makers, we can help you find whatever you want for your business!

Setting Up Your Business with Amazing Technology

In a busy office environment, smart technology can be a helpful and entertaining addition to the workday. But if you fail to plan ahead to integrate all this new technology, you may find yourself stepping over cables all day. Let the experts help you assess your plans for using smart technology and set your business up for success.

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