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Designing Your Home Theater

A lot goes into designing a home theater! Aside from choosing the TV and chairs you want to use, you also have to consider the more practical side of things. For instance, how can you create a great sound system without an irritating echo? How can you arrange all the seats so no one’s view is blocked?

Some of these questions you can answer for yourself, while others require expert input. Consider the layout and style of your ideal home theater. How can you give everyone the best experience possible while keeping your theater looking great? Start with these considerations.

Designing a home theater? Here are a few things to think about before you buy that new TV. #JKElectronics

Sound Systems

One major appeal of a typical movie theater is its remarkable sound system. Surround sound setups immerse you in the film’s world and allow you to truly feel like you’re a part of the movie. There’s no reason to give that experience up at home! With excellent speakers placed at strategic points around the room, you can create the same effect. You can even build the speakers into the wall behind special fabric that won’t block sound. Enjoy your favorite movies with the same immersive experience they were designed for!

Seating Arrangements

Would you rather go with the typical rows of seats seen in most theaters, or opt for a rounded plan where everyone surrounds the screen like a campfire? That likely depends on the size and positioning of your screen. A larger screen probably works best with escalating rows of seats so no one feels like they have to lean back to watch the movie. On the other hand, a smaller screen might call for a half-circle of chairs so everyone has a clear view of the movie. Your room size and shape also factors in–which seating style fits best? How can you best accommodate a family movie night?

Pro Tip: One advantage of designing your own home theater is that you can choose your own seats! Never be stuck in narrow, uncomfortable theater chairs again.

Smart Tech Integration

A home theater is cool enough on its own. But why not make it compatible with the rest of the smart technology in your house? You can start movies, dim the lights, or even make coffee with a vocal command or the touch of a button on your universal remote control. And there’s plenty more you could do! Talk to our design team to find out how you can make your home theater smart.

Designing Your New Entertainment Setup

A home theater is a great addition to your smart house and an awesome way to spend time with family or friends. Take the time to choose the right technology and layout for your plans!

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