4 Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Devices Secure

A fully connected smart home offers excellent security and convenience to the homeowners. However, there are still several potential risks to consider. An entire system of internet-connected smart devices means that virtually anything, from your coffee machine to your outdoor security camera, can be vulnerable to the same online risks your computer might face. How can you protect your smart devices?

Home automation systems connect almost your entire house to the internet. Protect your smart coffee machine from internet hackers with these security tips. #JKElectronics #onlinesecurity

Smart Home Security

On your computer, you have antivirus programs and firewalls to keep your information safe. While you may not have an exact equivalent for your smart home setup, you can certainly establish excellent security measures to protect your appliances. Keep these strategies in mind:

  1. Never use public wifi to control your devices
  2. Secure your smartphone
  3. Stick to trustworthy brands
  4. Secure your wifi network

1) Never Use Public Wifi to Control Your Devices

Open or public wifi networks don’t have anywhere near the level of security required to keep your smart devices safe from hackers. Worse, sometimes cybercriminals set up fake wireless networks to intercept transmissions and harvest data. If you have to access your smart home devices while in public, stick to a closed or trusted network to do so.

2) Secure your Smartphone

Your smartphone controls most, if not all, of your devices back home. If your phone is lost or stolen, anyone who manages to unlock it could access your entire home setup! Keep a secure passcode on your phone and lock it remotely if possible if it goes missing. Plus, if you ever suspect your phone has been hacked, reset your home network’s password immediately and talk to a smart tech expert on what other security measures to take.

3) Stick to Trustworthy Brands

There are plenty of cases when buying name brand items isn’t worth the extra price. However, smart home tech is not one of them. Name brands in smart home technology have earned their higher prices through excellent security measures and careful attention to detail, making them far superior to their competition. You aren’t just paying for a brand name. You’re paying for truly reliable security.

Pro Tip: Not sure where to begin hunting for smart home equipment? Talk to a specialist to find the system that best fits your preferences.

4) Secure Your Wifi Network

Finally, remember that your own wifi network needs protection as well. A hacker who gains access to your network can control every smart device in your house. Make sure your wifi is safe behind a strong password and, if possible, consider using data encryption for additional safety. Multi-factor authentication is also a great idea. Keep your devices safe with a strong home network.

Focusing on Smart Home Safety

Smart devices rely on the same security measures your phone or computer make use of when connected to the internet. It’s easy to forget that even the most mundane smart devices in your home can be vulnerable if you aren’t careful. Treat every appliance in your home with the same care you use when browsing the internet and avoiding sketchy websites.

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