Can You Get Locked Out of Your Smart House?

Getting locked out of a smart home is one of the biggest anxieties for most homeowners planning to adopt smart technology. Could a loss of internet lock you out of the house? What if your smartphone battery dies and you can’t deactivate the smart locks?

Whether the internet dies or you try to use multiple devices from different brands on the same door, you could find yourself accidentally locked out of your smart house. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to breaking a window. Here’s how to avoid locking yourself out.

Losing your keys is bad enough, but what about losing the ability to deactivate your home’s smart locks? Here’s how to avoid having your technology leave you stuck outside. #JKElectronics #smarthome

Issues With Smart Home Technology

Since each tech giant wants to conquer the smart home world, they have developed smart home devices with exclusive features. So, the more you invest in one brand, the more you’ll lock out other companies’ smart devices. Different brands’ devices also may not be able to talk to each other, making building a complex system difficult unless you stick to a single manufacturer. Trying to force different brands to cooperate in your smart lock system could leave you stuck outside. Find a brand you trust and stick to it.

Preparing a Backup Plan 

Over reliance on smart home technologies that use the internet may inconvenience you when the internet fails. So, you need to come up with a backup plan to help you when the smart devices fail. And for a smart lock, the best backup solution is to simply make sure your physical keys leave the house with you. Invest in a lock that can be opened via your smartphone or with a key–this gives you multiple options to get back in if one option fails.

Pro Tip: When leaving home, always carry your physical key to open your smart lock if the internet fails. Otherwise you could find yourself stuck outside.

Ensuring Access With Your Smart Home

Investing in automated door locks is one of the best ways to improve access to your smart home. The good news is that such technologies are easy to install. However, you must have a backup plan to avoid getting locked out of your smart house. Don’t forget your keys!

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