Designing a Smart Kid’s Bedroom

Integrating smart technology into your home adds an unparalleled layer of convenience, security, and luxury. But as you’re considering where to install your new gadgets, you may be overlooking one particularly interesting place: your child’s bedroom.

A smart kid’s bedroom may not sound like the best idea to parents already worried about kids growing up surrounded by technology. However, your child can enjoy the same benefits you do from smart tech without overusing it. Better yet, some models of smart technology are designed specifically for kids! Let’s look closer at how these gadgets can improve your child’s life as well as yours.

A fully integrated smart house is cool enough, but what about putting some of that smart technology in your child’s room? Here’s how to design a smart kid’s bedroom that satisfies both kids and parents. #JKElectronics #smarthome

Smart Plugs

Even something as simple as the wall socket can become part of your smart home network! With a smart plug, you can set devices like lamps or phone chargers to turn on or off at certain times. This can save electricity by preventing constantly plugged-in devices from draining power all day. Even better, the automatic shut-off system allows you to keep your children on a schedule. After bedtime, the smart plugs turn off and make sure the lamp and electronic toys stay off too.

Voice-Activated Lights

Kids can appreciate the convenience of simply telling the lights to turn off–especially when they’re short enough the switch is still out of reach. Simply integrate your smart light bulbs with your home’s virtual assistant and ensure it can recognize your kids’ voices. These lights will be useful long after your child is old enough to reach the switch themselves.

Pro Tip: In addition to turning on and off with voice commands, plenty of smart light bulbs can also dim or even change color! The possibilities are endless for your child’s bedroom.

Kid-Friendly Virtual Assistants

Certain virtual assistants, like the Amazon Echo Dot, come with kid-friendly versions designed with parental controls in mind. You can easily customize its settings for enhanced privacy, content filtering, restricted time usage, and activity reports so you can keep an eye on what the kids are up to. Not only does this give your kids a relatively safe way to access huge amounts of information and entertainment, but it also lets them take advantage of the voice-activated gadgets in their new bedroom.

Safety Devices

Of course, no smart home is complete without smart security hardware. If your kids tend to get into trouble when you’re not at home, consider adding a camera just outside their bedroom. This allows you to keep an eye on them without invading their privacy too much. Even better, a wifi camera allows you to check in on the babysitter or alleviate your anxiety about not being there. Cameras with two-factor authentication provide a particularly secure way to check on the little ones.

Give Your Kids an Awesome Bedroom

Your kids deserve the same convenience and safety you enjoy from your newly designed smart home. Why not give them their own smart devices too? Upgrade their bedroom for a truly futuristic experience.

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