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Designing Your New Smart Home Entertainment System

The centerpiece of your home is usually your living room. It’s one of the first rooms family members and guests alike see as they enter, and it’s equipped with comfy couches and a TV for movie nights. Your living room is your first impression of the house. Why not upgrade it?

Give your living room a truly impressive look and increased functionality with a complete home theater system. From big screens to surround sound and more, all it takes is some specialized technology to transform your living room into a homestyle cinema. Here are a few things your upgraded space will need!

A home theater system is possibly the best way to upgrade your living room! Get inspired here. #JKElectronics

Choosing & Mounting the TV

The perfect TV for a home cinema experience is probably pretty big and heavy. Don’t install this expensive piece of equipment on your own and run the risk of dropping it! Let our expert team give you a hand with our TV installation services. We’ll help you find the perfect mounting spot and viewing angle for your new TV screen. Whether you want your TV over the fireplace, in the kitchen, outdoors, or in a more unique spot, we can take care of it for you!

Surround Sound Audio System

Few audio experiences are more impressive than what a huge theater provides with its excellent surround sound systems. With smart home technology, you can duplicate that same experience in your own home! Place your TV speakers around the living room for a truly immersive viewing experience, or spread them around the house so you can hear your favorite programs no matter where you are. Fill your house with crystal-clear music and audio!

Pro Tip: Once your smart entertainment system is installed, you can control all of it from anywhere in the house with a single universal remote!

A Completed Home Theater System

Some homeowners may have a partial home theater that just needs a few finishing touches. If you don’t have anything yet and want to start from the ground up, we can help! Sit down with our designers and tell us your vision. What TV do you want? Where do you want this home cinema to be? How many people will you entertain regularly? With all this info in mind, we’ll build the complete smart home theater system of your dreams! Enjoy your new smart entertainment system from anywhere in the house.

Enjoy Your New Home Theater!

Creating a smart home may take time and planning, but the rewards are more than worth it. Your home theater system will be the highlight of your upgraded house as you enjoy cinema-style movie nights with family and friends. You’ll never want to go back to just a regular TV!

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