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Smart Homes Explained

A smart home certainly feels like an exciting, futuristic concept. After all, the idea of giving vocal commands to a computer and having it respond immediately conjures up memories of Star Trek or similar worlds. Tech lovers get especially excited at the idea.

While smart home systems aren’t quite on par with popular science fiction stories (yet!), they do offer a variety of remarkable systems and services that will turn your house into a tech-driven environment. Interested in setting up a smart home system of your own? Here’s what you can expect!

A #smarthome system isn’t quite the science fiction masterpiece some may envision, but it can certainly make your life more convenient. Here’s how! #JKElectronics

Smart Locks & Lights

Smart locks and lights, while a seemingly simpler addition to your home’s system, can be surprisingly helpful. With your universal remote or app-based controls, you can switch your smart lighting on or off or even dim the lights as you want without hunting for the light switch. And with a smart lock, you can ensure that no one gets into your house unless they have the proper electronic credentials. You can even unlock your front door from your car for a quick entry into your house! These simple smart devices are an excellent finishing touch to your house.

Smart Home Theater Systems

Why settle for a simple mounted TV when you could enjoy an entire custom home theater system? A combination of speakers, smart electronics, easy-to-use interfaces, and dimmable living room lights will give you the cinema atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. And of course, as part of your overall smart home system, your entire home theater is run by your universal remote control! Create your own theater your way.

Smart Security Systems

Even in a high-tech world, breaking and entering is still a common threat for homeowners and business owners alike. That’s where a smart security system could truly be a huge help. With cameras, smart locks, 24/7 monitoring, and fully customizable settings, a smart security package could be the best decision you make for your home or business. Protect your property and keep all your controls on a simple interface for quick, constant access.

Pro Tip: With a smart security system, you’ll have access to such features as video doorbells, intercoms, cloud storage for videos or photos, and much more to keep your home safe!

Energy Management

With all these additional electronic devices in your home, wouldn’t they just consume huge amounts of electricity and increase your power bill? Not necessarily! It all depends on your usage habits and the types of devices you install. The newer and more energy-efficient your smart devices are, the less impact on your power bill you’ll notice. Consult with our team for a more detailed look at your estimated power consumption.

An Excellent Home Automation System

While these systems tend to be part of just about any smart home setup, each home is different and may require more (or less) technology than another. Before you jump headfirst into setting up your new smart home system, consult with an expert first to determine what your home needs and how fast you can install it.

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