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Smart Lights & Locks: An Overview

A customized smart home includes a variety of features and systems to make your time at home as comfortable and convenient as possible. As you look for ways to develop your own smart home, you probably began by looking at such broad systems as entertainment or home security systems. But don’t forget a few simpler features that home automation will give you. Smart lights and smart locks for your home are also huge advantages.

Smart lights and smart locks can be integrated into your overall home automation system or function as standalone features, depending on your preferences. If you’re looking to upgrade to a smart home system that gives you all the features you’ve been wanting, these are an excellent way to start! Here’s a birds-eye view of these simpler but very helpful automated systems.

Your smart home needs automated lights and locks. Find out why these features are a must-have. #JKElectronics

Smart Locks for Your Home

Our home automation system gives you a single universal remote to control everything in your house, including your door locks. If you get halfway to work and realize you forgot to lock the door when you left, don’t turn around–just pull out the remote and lock down your house remotely. Never worry about leaving your belongings vulnerable again!

Pro Tip: The ability to unlock your door remotely means no one will be stuck outside if they forget their keys. Just press the button on your remote and you’re in!

Smart Lights for Your Home

As the thieves’ conversation in Home Alone proves, automatic timers on your lights are a good deterrent to break-ins, but they aren’t perfect. But it’s difficult to genuinely mimic activity inside your home if no one is there to turn the lights on and off. What’s the solution? Smart lights that you can turn on, turn off, or dim remotely with just a touch of a button! Keep your house busy and brightly lit even if no one is home and deter anyone from breaking in.

Security Applications

Protecting your family, your home, and your belongings are huge priorities for homeowners. Any steps you can take to secure your home are steps in the right direction. With smart locks, smart lights, and more from the best security systems in Houston, you can rest assured that your home is secure. No matter where you are, you can lock your doors and switch your lights on and off to make your home appear occupied and discourage criminal activity.

Upgrade Your Home with Smart Features

You and your family deserve the best, most secure home available. Why not give yourself that gift with a brand new smart home system complete with smart lights and smart locks? Protect your belongings and enjoy the convenience of a universal control system for every electronic device you own!

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