3 Components of a Reliable Business Security System

Having a well-established business security system is one of the best ways to keep your business safe. It helps to protect your employees and customers from any potential risk that can negatively impact your relationship. But a set of security cameras on its own may not be enough. A truly reliable system includes several important components.

A business security system shouldn’t stop with just a set of cameras or a smart lock on the door. To ensure better protection for your property and your employees, you should make sure your security setup includes these three important components in some fashion: remote camera monitoring, access control, and motion-activated lights.

Are you planning to invest in a business security system? Here are the components that can keep your commercial building secure and automated 24/7. #JKElectronics

Remote Camera Monitoring

With a smart security camera in a commercial building, you can remotely monitor everything that’s happening in the building using your smartphone. Install the security cameras in the open to scare criminals. The burglars will not risk breaking into your business when they realize you are watching.

When you’re installing your cameras, keep a few things in mind:

  • Purpose of the camera
  • Quality of the camera
  • Size of the area you intend to capture

These factors will influence where you position the camera and how you angle it.

Access Control

An access control security system prevents unauthorized entry into certain areas of the commercial building. This system often takes the form of smart door locks which are operated with a keycard, keypad, or fingerprint recognition. Restrict access to a particularly private area of your business or put a smart lock on the front door for even tighter security.

Motion-Activated Lights

Installing motion-activated lights around your building can scare away thieves at night. The lights have motion detectors that detect infrared waves from the moving objects. If an object moves across its field of view, the sensors turn on the lights automatically. You can even configure the sensor to trigger the alarm system if the movement occurs when no one should be there.

Motion-activated lights inside the office can also be an effective security measure. If someone is trying to sneak in and the lights come on abruptly, the intruder will be startled and the cameras will be alerted to suspicious activity. Even without the security angle, motion-sensitive lights can help reduce your power bill. When everyone has gone home and there’s no motion to trigger the lights, they’ll turn off automatically, ensuring the lights aren’t left on consuming electricity all night.

Keep Your Office Secure While You’re Away

A business security system combines software, hardware, and employee protection policies for reliable protection. Consider installing security hardware such as surveillance cameras, smart door locks, and motion detectors to keep your office secure while you’re away. Keep track of everything with a mobile device and rest assured your office is safe.

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