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4 Advantages of a Smart Lighting System

For over 100 years, turning on the lights meant finding and flipping the nearest wall-mounted light switch. But with the implementation and increased popularity of smart technology, that’s beginning to change. Smart lights are an excellent addition to any home or business and provide a degree of convenience that no other lighting system can. Let’s take a closer look!

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Smart Lighting Benefits

Not only are smart lights easily managed and maintained, but they’re also some of the most durable lights on the market today. Each smart light is designed to be compatible with a fully customizable system and allow you to turn your home or office into an interconnected hub of electronics! Here’s what else a new smart lighting system can offer you:

  1. Easy control
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Customizable settings
  4. Improved security

1) Easy Control

Smart lights with a central control system allow you to flip the lights on and off with a single voice command or even with a tap on your phone screen. Some systems even allow you to do this from a significant distance. Better yet, certain types of bulbs or lights let you flip between colors at will to change the atmosphere of a room! While colored lights may not be the highest priority for a business, simple remote controls certainly offer an advantage.

Pro Tip: Smart lighting systems can be controlled from the same universal remote that handles all the other smart appliances in your office!

2) Energy Efficiency

Depending on the exact programming of your smart lighting system, it may be able to detect when the room is empty and light is no longer needed. It can then switch itself off to conserve power. In combination with the highly efficient smart LED bulbs so common in these systems, an automatic off switch will help reduce power consumption by a significant amount. Switching to smart lights could help reduce your office’s daily energy bill.

3) Customizable Settings

Especially sophisticated smart lighting systems allow you to program in schedules or preferred settings. For instance, if everyone in the office leaves at 5, you can schedule the lights to turn on shortly after 5 instead of having to wait several minutes to detect no more movement. Alternatively, you can program the lights to dim at certain times of the day or even when the presentation room TV screen comes on. You can control your lighting system to a remarkable extent!

4) Improved Security

A motion detection feature helps with more than turning the lights off in an empty office. If you get an alert that the lights turned on in response to a motion at midnight, when the office is empty, you know something’s wrong. The sudden flash of light can also deter criminals and help to draw attention to your office. And of course, you can always set the lights up on a timer to make it look like people are active in your office space when it’s actually empty.

Upgrade Your Business’s Lighting

Between security, ease of control, longevity, and energy efficiency, smart lighting systems are an excellent choice to update your business’s office technology. Let our expert team help you plan your new lights today!

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