Graber Automated Shades & Smart Blinds

As a trusted retailer, we carry a diverse selection of Graber’s innovative products, providing customers with an array of options to enhance their home automation and shading needs. From motorized roller shades to intelligent cellular blinds, we ensure that every customer is able to find the perfect solution for their requirements. With our team’s expertise and Graber’s cutting-edge technology, customers can enjoy the convenience, style, and energy efficiency of automation.


Why Graber?

  • Motorized operation for effortless control of shades and blinds
  • Remote control or smartphone app for convenient operation
  • Integration with popular smart home systems
  • Automated scheduling for optimized natural light and energy efficiency
  • Energy-efficient design to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Various motorized lift options for easy installation
  • Light filtering and blackout fabric choices for customizable lighting and privacy
  • Safety features prioritizing child and pet safety
  • Customizable design options to match interior decor

Graber Installer in Houston

With extensive experience and expertise in handling Graber’s automated shades and smart blinds, our skilled technicians are equipped to provide seamless installation services tailored to your specific needs. We understand the importance of precision and attention to detail when it comes to integrating Graber’s cutting-edge technology into your home. With our knowledge of Graber’s advanced features and smart home integration, we can help you optimize your home’s convenience, energy efficiency, and style.

Experience the future of home automation with the Graber app. Download now and unlock a world of possibilities for your windows with smart blinds and automated shades. With just a tap, explore a vast selection of fabrics that seamlessly integrate with your smart home ecosystem. From elegant textures to modern patterns, find the perfect fabric to elevate your living space.

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