Home Audio Installation Services in Texas

Home Audio Systems

J&K Electronics Audio design team offers a variety of speakers based on location in your house. Take your home audio to another level with a surround sound system that plays crystal clear audio from every room, or install a living room soundbar for optimum streaming. Regardless of your frequency range or stereo speaker needs, we have the experience, customer service, and team to install the perfect audio system for your home or office. We use Control4 to combine different zones of audio to give you an energy-efficient, equally distributed system. 


Home Audio Services

  • Wiring
  • Design
  • Installation 
  • High-resolution sound in every room
  • Stream music from your favorite service including Spotify and Pandora
  • Parental controls to manage what media is being streamed
  • Complete audio, video, and lighting automation

J&K Electronics have amazing pivot in-ceiling speakers in a wooden flooring room to prevent an Echo.

We also offer excellent home theater options including on-wall speakers or Standalone to give you the feeling that you’re at the cinema.

We only use the best handmade speakers and surround sound systems. You’ll now be able to stream music and watch movies in your home theater system while saving money on your energy bill. Unsightly cords and confusing speaker systems are a thing of the past with the Control4 app. Relax and enjoy complete audio automation at the click of a button.

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