Houston Home Automation

Home automation will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your home’s comfort & value.

Houston Home Automation

Home automation is all the rage right now. No wonder! Our homes are our sanctuary and we all want them to be secure and comfortable.

Benefits and features of your automated smart home system can include:

  • Wi-Fi network enabled video doorbells allow you to “answer” your door from the palm of your hand, capture any unexpected motion on camera, video chat with visitors or let the delivery man know that it's safe to leave a package at your door.
  • Smart door locks give you a virtual spare key so you can ensure your door is always locked, remotely unlock, or allow access to visitors from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet.
  • Wi-Fi network enabled light switches pair directly with your home Wi-Fi network to allow remote management and/or scheduled lighting at your entryway for enhanced home security, convenience and ease of use.
  • Wi-Fi network enabled thermostats allow you to remotely adjust the thermostat from a smart phone. Its sophisticated automation technology controls the heating, cooling, fresh air ventilation, and humidity control functions.
  • Advanced garage door openers allow smart phones to act as additional garage door openers. When your car approaches garage door opens and lights turn on. Whether you're away from home or already tucked into bed, you can feel secure knowing your garage door is closed and locked.

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