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Alarm System & Remote Cameras


houston home securityDo You Want Your Home to Protect Itself? 

Deter Criminals with your security system with remote cameras, smart lighting, audio, security gates, and much more with our automated security systems. We provide manufacturer certified repair and expansion on existing security systems. 

houston remote video camera installation

You can program your motion sensors to turn on the lights in and outside of your home and play a pre-recorded message that spells out the consequences of burglary while informing the robber that they are on camera. Our system can play a new message as an intruder moves from room to room. Having a proactive system like this in place in the Houston area is likely to stop the thief in their tracks. However, if they do get away, our system makes it easier to catch and prosecute them by collecting valuable video. 

Automated security, lighting, and more video, Control4

Control Your Security System from Your Smartphone. 

Use your smartphone or computer to watch your home's live feed securely and remotely through our system. Stay in control even when you are far from home. 

control security system from smartphone

View any camera in your home and adjust the angle to see what is going on at your property at any given time. This allows you to respond accordingly to an unexpected event with clarity and speed. An added benefit of these security systems is that there is no monthly monitoring fee. By choosing J & K to manage your Houston home security, you get quality technical support and repairs standing behind the best products in the industry. Security means feeling confident that your home and loved ones are safe at all times. J & K's Remote Monitoring system ensures that you will feel secure and connected no matter where you are.

Keep Your Home and Loved Ones Safe Wherever You Are.

You need a security system for your home or business with security cameras that you can monitor from your smartphone to speed up response time and get help when you need it.

When over 40,000 Houston residents have their homes invaded and burglarized every year and only 11% of those result in a conviction, security is a priority. Many homeowners never recover their property and even more are left feeling helpless in their own homes. A home security system from J & K gives you the peace of mind that you need along with essential safety features, like wireless security cameras, that will help you to alert the police quickly and capture the identity of the offender. Our expandable automated security systems allow you to purchase your system piece by piece and control it wherever you are. 

Total Control Security - Video Overview

Automate Everything from Gates to Climate Control.

Unlock the doors for the nanny or cleaning service from your phone after checking your camera feed to confirm their identity. Control everything remotely and from a tablet in a central location in your home.

Set interior lights to turn on in the evening while you're out of town to deter robbers. Set your front gate or garage door to open when your cell phone comes within a certain distance or when you press a button. Even program your window coverings to open and close at pre-set times during the day or week. These are only some of the many ways that you can use our expandable security system to automate and enhance your life. You can further enhance the system by creating alerts for any one or combination of events in your home. These alerts can confirm that someone who was meant to be at your home showed up as well as ensuring that nothing unexpected happens without you knowing. 

smarthome security tipsSmart Lights Mean Cost Savings and Enhanced Security.

Our integrated smart lighting systems work together with your smart home to create an ambiance and comfort previously unimaginable. Lifestyle and security almost never meet this seamlessly. 

Exterior lighting options include sunrise to sunset automation as well as programmable modes and schedules. Create the perfect backdrop for your pool party or private evening with smart wireless audio [text link], use the same app to control your lighting as you do your indoor and outdoor audio and entertainment. Create the appearance of being home while you’re away on vacation or business by scheduling the interior lights to turn on and off as if you were home, deterring potential burglars. Further enhance your home or business’ security system with perimeter lights that flash and reveal potential criminals when your alarm system is activated. This functionality deters most would-be criminals from staying in your home and causing damage. 

Our interior smart lighting solutions provide endless options to customize your new home build or renovation. Centralized lighting allows you to control the lights in every room of your house from a central location in your home as well as in each room and from your one app. Stylish keypads replace light switches in each room and central lighting control is provided through your Control4 Tabletop Touch Screen. Our wireless lighting systems mean that you don’t have to worry about complex wiring issues, you can move remove your current light switches and install your keypad wherever you would like. Save energy and utility costs with motion sensors that turn lights off when the room is empty or simply check with your phone to see if someone left a light on at home and turn it off remotely. 

Why Choose J & K for Your Home Security System? 

At J & K Home Automation, we are committed to providing the highest quality service in the Houston, TX area. Our technicians are certified and expertly trained on the systems we install and repair. We feature the top of the line and most advanced home automation and security brands in the industry. Our systems offer centralized monitoring and recording with integrated cameras and motion sensors that connect with add-ons such as door sensors and motion activated lights. We can repair and expand any system - not just those that we have installed. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about our smart home services on our testimonials page. 

Our Expandable Home & Business Security Systems Include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras - secure live feed 
  • Alarm Systems - play a pre-recorded message or sound
  • Customizable Alerts and Timers - protect your home when you're away
  • Window Systems - program blinds to open and close at certain times
  • Security Gates - set your gate to open when your cell phone approaches 
  • Electronic Doors - open your doors remotely with the click of a button 
  • Lighting - Motion activated or remotely controlled lighting options 

Don't just secure your home or business with a alarm system, automate it! We have everything you need to transform your home into a fully automated smart home.

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