Smart Home Automation Systems

Automate Life, Save Money, & Keep Your Family Safe.  

Would you rather have 20 Apps to control 20 devices? OR
One App to control your Whole Home!
Now, that's smart.

houston Home Automation expertsWe Customize and Automate the Systems You Care About Most.  

If you can think of it, we can automate it. Our manufacturer certified technicians will custom design and install exactly the home automation devices and functions that you want.

houston Home Automation servicesYour smart home system will be set up so that you can quickly add additional features later. To enhance your comfort and lifestyle while saving you money, your system allows you several different programming options to fit your lifestyle. You can program “scenes” into your system such as “movie” or “goodnight” that perform a series of tasks at once. The “Goodnight” scene would lock your doors, turn off all the lights, adjust the thermostat, and arm the alarm all with one click. For a smart home that would make even the Jetsons jealous, give J & K Home Automation a call. 

Your garage door opens when it senses the Bluetooth signal from your car. The door opens automatically, and the lights come on in the kitchen. You step inside to comfortable temperatures. Music from your iPad pipes through the intercom system until you decide to relax in your home theater and watch your favorite show.

Featured Brands


Control4 is essentially an operating system for your home or building. What most "smart home" technologies do is automate one device, like your locks or home theater. This is great, because they offer exceptional functionality for that device, however, to create an integrated smart home you need a system that connects and controls ALL of your devices. Our team have worked with all of the top home automation companies and can repair your current devices as well as integrating them into a Control4 total smart home system.


HAI creates some of the best residential and commercial lighting controls on the market. Since HAI merged with Leviton, they can now offer more integrated products that allow for smarter controls. Their solutions combine security, energy management, and entertainment into a sleek and user-friendly design. Their products range from light switches to programmable thermostats and high-quality audio systems.

Total Control by URC

From the people who brought you the universal remote control, now you can control the entertainment, lighting, and climate in your home. Total Control is a seamless solution that connects your needs with the devices in your home to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Since each family has unique needs, the J & K team will help you to find the right system and the appropriate functionalities for your family, regardless of style or budget. Replace baby monitors with your private security system and monitor your home even when you're far away. Anything is possible with the right home automation system.

LEVITON Wiring Solutions

The majority of homes and businesses in North America use products that are made by Leviton; they are a favorite among contractors and industry professionals. They have more than 25,000 products and hold 600 patents, consistently adding to their offerings and improving their technology. Leviton creates intelligent environments through wiring devices, network and data center solutions, energy management systems, and smart safety controls. We use Leviton products in our home automation and home theater systems to ensure long lasting quality.

Premium Features & Benefits

Save BIG on Utility Bills with Smart Climate Controls. 

Can we save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your home’s comfort with one app? J & K can do all that and more! 

Houston control4 installersWith a Control4 system designed and installed by our certified technicians can mean advanced temperature control at your fingertips. We integrate the best technologies with your existing HVAC system whether it’s a forced air, dual fuel, or geothermal system. You can set your system to have different profiles such as “night” or “on vacation” or you can choose to have your system automatically adjust itself based on weather conditions. The possibilities are truly endless with a smart home system. To see security features such as automated gates and video conferencing, click here. 

Houston control4 installersAutomated Lighting Enhances your Home’s Value and Security. 

Our smart lighting systems can set the perfect mood whether you’re watching a movie or entertaining. They can also make it appear that you're home, deterring burglars. 

smart home automated lighting Save money by ensuring that lights are turned off when not in use and protect your home from burglars all from your smartphone. Your smart home doesn’t end at your back door; your pool and spa system can be controlled by the same app on your smartphone, making your outdoor oasis even more perfect. In addition to the lifestyle benefits, automated lighting makes your home more secure. Each of our systems works perfectly with our other systems allowing you to add on to your smart home one piece at a time. Don’t just take our word for it, find out what our customers are saying on our testimonials page.

Business Automation Means Smarter Cost Savings and Control. 

Enhance your business with a security system that comes with you wherever you are. Check in on your employees while you’re out of the office or make sure that the last person out locked up.

Play music in the waiting area while presenting an impressive multimedia slideshow in the conference room. Our expert technicians can design your business automation system to fit your company’s needs. Whether you only need enhanced security or a full blown automated office, give us a call, and we’ll help you make your office or warehouse smart. 

Repairs & Integration with other Systems

certified home automation techniciansRepair and Upgrade your Old Home Automation Devices with J & K, to Create a Fully Automated System.

All of our technicians maintain repair and installation certifications from all the top home automation device manufacturers. Not only can they provide warranty and non-warranty service on your existing devices, but they can expand your smart home system by installing new devices. J & K started out as a home theater repair company, doing installations but focusing on repair and replacement of existing setups. We have continued to grow and expand into home automation and security, but our focus on quality repair work remains. The fact is, in the Houston area, we are THE company you can trust with your electronics.

Why Choose J & K for your smart home project? 

At J & K, we’re experts in home automation - our smart home systems are more intelligent and more efficient than our competitors, and our service and experience are unmatched. We want to be your home automation partners, not make a quick sell and disappear. Many of our clients start with automated door locks and lighting controls to add security to their homes while they are at work or traveling. They can lock and unlock the gate from their phone for the babysitter, and they receive alerts if someone tries to break in. Once clients see how fantastic home automation can be, they usually want to transform every room in their home!

Key Smart Home Features: 

  • Security gates
  • Security systems
  • Automated HVAC systems
  • Remote control window systems
  • Garage door activation
  • Intercom systems
  • CEDIA-certified home theater installation and design
  • Control4 systems that integrate with Nest and others
  • Home entertainment systems

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