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Smart Lighting Solutions

Imagine a world where lights effortlessly adapt to your every mood and need. With our creations, you have the power to summon a soft, warm glow for cozy evenings, ignite a vibrant cascade of colors for festive celebrations, or simply command the lights to create an enchanting ambiance for a romantic night in.

Our smart lighting solutions elevate your living space to new heights of comfort, convenience, and captivating beauty. With J&K Electronics’ smart lighting, your home comes alive with radiant brilliance, enhancing every moment in your unique sanctuary.

Smart Lighting Features

  • Scheduling options for lighting based on time, occupancy, or events
  • Set schedules for turning lights on/off at specific times
  • Personalized control through smartphone or voice commands
  • Adjust brightness, color, and ambiance remotely
  • Integration with other smart home systems
  • Synchronize actions and enhance automation
  • Energy-efficient features like occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting
  • Automatically adjust lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light
  • Scene presets for quick and easy atmosphere customization

Partnering with Top Smart Lighting Brands

Control4 Smart Lighting

Interested in broadening your smart home experience? With Control4 Smart Lighting, you can customize your home’s atmosphere with customizable switches and dimmable bulbs. Discover how you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, add safety and security, and even create custom lighting scenes with our latest smart home solution.


Lutron provides a comprehensive range of smart lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with all of our home automation systems. You can take control over your lighting, including dimming, color adjustment, and scene customization. Whether it’s creating the perfect ambiance for different activities or automating lighting schedules for energy efficiency, Lutron has the ability to take your indoor lighting to the next level.


By utilizing Loxone’s advanced technology, we’re able to give homeowners intuitive control over their lighting. Plus, additional automation features optimize energy savings by incorporating features such as occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting. The integration of Loxone into any home’s smart home solution gives you the ability to create personalized lighting experiences that enhance comfort, convenience, and energy savings.


PowerShades is a revolutionary technology that combines motorized shades with advanced lighting control capabilities. Through a simple-to-use interface, homeowners can effortlessly adjust the brightness, color temperature, and ambiance of their lighting. Whether it’s enhancing comfort, improving energy efficiency, or adding a touch of elegance, our smart lighting solutions through PowerShades elevate the way homeowners experience their lighting environments.

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