Window Shades Installation Services in Texas

Customize Your Window Shades

We get it, you’ve got a lot on your plate. At J&K Electronics, we make customizing your window shades for your Houston home super simple. You can easily personalize your window treatments to match your home’s style with our wide selection of blinds and shades.

No matter if you’re in a cool city apartment or a cozy suburban house, we’ve got the right shades for your window frame. Let us help you achieve the ultimate comfort in your Houston home.






Types of Window Shades We Offer

Cellular Shades

Experience the versatility of soft, honeycomb shades that cleverly trap air, ensuring exceptional insulation and energy savings.

Layered Shades

Achieve modern light control with materials featuring clean lines, enclosed in a fabric-wrapped cassette for a stylish touch.

Natural Shades

Enhance your living room with sustainable materials, earthy weaves, diverse textures, and subtle metallic accents for an outdoor-inspired touch.

Roller Shades

Tailored to your exact light preferences, Graber roller shades offer a sleek and polished window covering solution for any room of your home.

Sheer Shades

Add an element of airy elegance to your décor with layered sheer fabrics, offering both UV protection and soft light filtering.

Solar Shades

Stay stylish while reducing glare and UV exposure with our semi-opaque fabrics, allowing you to enjoy the natural light safely.

Exterior Solar Shades

Elevate your outdoor space with light-filtering materials that effectively block UV rays and regulate temperature while adding a touch of flair.

Classic Roman Shades

Embrace timeless design with Graber Classic Roman Shades, featuring clean lines and a palette of neutral hues that deliver a modern look.

Partnering with Top Window Shade Brands

Our Design Consultants Are Willing and Ready to Customize Your Windows

We offer top-quality window shade solutions from trusted brands like Graber, Lutron, and PowerShades. With over 20 years of experience in home technology, we bring cost-effective, feature-rich solutions to you and your family. Our design consultants are passionate about tailoring solutions to meet your unique needs and will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re looking to enhance privacy or improve energy efficiency, we’re here to transform your home with the latest in window shade technology. Get in touch to find the best type of window blind or custom shade for your home.

Automate Your Window Shades

We offer a wide range of motorized shades and blinds to meet your home’s smart home needs.

Window Shade FAQs

What are the pricing details for the different types of window shades mentioned?

Pricing for window shades can vary based on factors like size and material. To get a specific quote, it’s best to schedule a consultation with our experts. They can assess your needs and provide pricing tailored to your preferences.

How long does it typically take to install custom window shades in a Houston home?

Installation times can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the type of shades you choose. Our team strives to provide a fast installation process, but it’s best to discuss the timeline during your consultation for a more accurate estimate.

Are there any warranties on the window shades and installation?

Yes, we offer warranties on both our window shades and the installation work. The specific warranty details may vary depending on the product and service you choose. Our consultants can provide you with all the warranty information during your consultation.

Can you provide examples or references from previous customers who have customized their window shades with J&K Electronics?

Absolutely! We can share references or examples of our previous projects to give you a better idea of our work. Just let our design consultants know during your consultation, and they’ll be happy to provide you with relevant information. In the meantime, browse our recent testimonials to hear from past happy customers!

What is the process for automating window shades in a smart home?

Automating window shades is a convenient way to control light and privacy. During your consultation, we can explain the process. This typically involves selecting motorized shades compatible with the smart home systems you use. During installation and setup, our experts will add a power supply to your shades so that they are controllable through your home automation system.

Ready to find the best window shades for your home?

We’re ready to talk to you! Schedule a consultation with our expert installers for your next set of window shades.